Sunday, 16 October 2016

Gold Dress

So it might not be the right weather to be wearing this amazing gold dress without at least layering it with a t-shirt underneath and a cosy coat or jacket on top. But it definitely is the right time to start wearing anything that will get you in the holiday spirit. I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner, where on earth did 2016 go. I know that every year I find myself saying that the year has gone quick, but this year has actually flown by like wow. 

That introduction was really a way to say that I've actually started wearing a little more colour than I usually do (not a great example with this dress, but stay tuned). I’ve changed positions at work and no longer have to wear my work uniform. Now that I have to choose something to wear five times a week I’ve found myself experimenting a bit more with colours, styles and trends I wouldn’t have really have picked out before. I’m still not much a fan of prints, but hey let's keep being open minded. 

The holidays always brings along trends full of vibrant colours and texture so this is my opportunity to play around with my style a little more. I've already seen a few trends and colours I would like to maybe play around with and hopefully inspire my wardrobe to be a little more playful. Here's a list of some of the trends.

Velvet - I definitely want to give a velvet dress or even a velvet bomber a try.
Military prints 
Puffer jackets
Add some reds and dark greens to my wardrobe.
Embroidered jeans. 

photography by Oda Eide