Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals 

Adidas Originals have been spreading like wildfire for a while now and I don't see them dying down anytime soon. After the London Olympics in 2012 we have become a little more involved with the world of fitness, healthy eating and sportswear, and not only sportswear for exercise, but also for everyday wear. Along with this new lifestyle came a massive rise in more people wearing trainers as it's an easy way to get the sports look without a big change to your wardrobe. 
From 2012 till now I have gone from 0 to now having over 11 pairs of trainers which believe me it's lot and I've now just added these superstars to my collection.

I went into Office not long ago and tried on a pair of the classic white with black stripes. To be honest, I didn't know if they actually suited me or if I just wanted a pair because everyone has one. None the less I took the trainers home to see how I felt about them after trying them on with some items from my wardrobe. I first tried the pair on with a pair of mom jeans and there was no need for another trial, it looked so freaking awesome that i’m now struggling not to wear them everyday. Something about these trainers just seems to make every outfit look super cool and effortless. 

I might film a look book on different ways to style these classic trainers, so keep an eye out.

Adidas Originals / Pinstripe Slip Dress /Paisley Print Neckerchief 
photography by Oda Eide